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Tap Titans HackTap Titans Hack

Tap Titans Hacks

Tap Titans, one of the most talked about games today has been developed by the Hong Kong based company, Game Hive. The game is particularly for Android and iOS users and over the years after its development, the game has grown to be quite popular among the population. Tap Titans is a very simple game that needs to be played by simple tapping on the screen and progress in the game is depends on how fast a player can tap the screen. Easy as this may sound, the game tends to get overtly engaging for anybody who begins with the game.


About the game

The game begins with the introduction stating the player as the only warrior who can defeat the Titans and save the world.

The world has been devastated by massive begins known as titans. With his power sword, this hero has taken it upon himself to restore peace and order. How do you do it? You must tap!”

With this, the game begins after letting the player choose his or her epic hero (the default name remains sword master). The singular way to bring damage and wreck havoc among the titans in the game is by tapping the screen. The speed with which the screen is tapped determines how much damage is meted out in the game. Thus, the name ‘Tap Titans Hack’ correctly fits the game play.

There are four kinds of currencies, the most important of which is the Gold and diamonds and the rest is cash and coins. There is a default offering of some money in the game every day. Other than that, money can be earned with the slaying of Titans. The money earned allows the player to buy several skills and heroes that can fight the battle alongside you. The better is the skills and the henchmen, the better the fight against the titans and in turn, the better progress in the game.

Need for Tap Titans Hack

As already mentioned earlier, the game tends to get very engaging, almost to the point of addictive owing to its engaging nature. However, sometimes, progress in the game can become very slow and the fight can become highly monotonous when the player is not able to step up to the next level. The reason behind this is usually the deficiency of currency in the game.

It is specifically because of this reason that several hacks have been established for the game. Tap Titans Hack and cheats aren’t very hard to achieve. The internet is full of Tap Titans Hack and cheats. It can get highly tiring to be slugging on in the same level in the game. The difficulty here is that a player requires enough gold to buy warriors and skills to kill a higher percentage of Titans and it is the killing of Titans that determine the number of Gold you will be awarded with. It becomes a circuitous process but a very slow one, which can often lead to the waning interests of the players.

For players who don’t have the patience to kill as many titans as required to get higher skills and stronger heroes, the Tap Titans Hack can be a boon to them. There are several different Tap Titans Hack and half of them don’t even need the use of an internet connection.


Tap Titans Hack

  • One of the easiest and the most convenient ways is a simple trick of time and date settings. The player can do this by switching off the game and then turning off the Wi-Fi first thing after which the player is to go to the general settings and turn off the “set automatically” option and then go to the time and date settings where the player is to change the date to the next day. Once this is done, the player is to turn the Wi-Fi back on and open the game. The game will have noticed the change in date and awarded the player the AFK reward for the day. The procedure can be repeated as many times as needed. This Tap Titans Hack is for both Android and iOS devices.
  • There is another way to increase the store of money of the player. In the game, the companions play a very helpful role as they slay titans along with the player. It is their efforts added to the players that bring about as much money as the player gets. So one trick can be to let the companions keep playing even if the player is unable to play. This can be done by turning off the screen lock of the device, plugging it to the charging section and letting the device be with the game open in the device. The companions in this case will run amok and without the player having to as much as glance at the device, the companions can fetch quite a bit of money. Since this is too is a trick with the device, the hack can be used in both Android as well as iOS devices.

The tips mentioned above are tricks with the device and thus can be used in both devices Android and iOS. Apart from these there is several other Tap Titans Hack as well that makes use of stuff downloaded from the internet. With the upgrade of the iOS devices however, the number of hacks have lessened. Even so, the hacks provided in the internet are more than sufficient.


Tap Titans has managed to get quite a lot of popularity and consecutively, so have the Tap Titans hacks. There has been a high increase in the number of players that have resorted to the Tap Titans hacks to be able to progress faster in the game. The game can only be fun when the player is winning and while there aren’t many options of loss, a slow game can be quite a bother. Hence, it its own way, the Tap Titans hacks have helped in retaining the player population.

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